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Yin Yang Balance

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Four basic aspects of interaction between yin and yang enable practitioners to gain insight into the main processes for development and treatment of diseases. This fundamental understanding of TCM is a requirement for sound diagnoses and effective therapy.

The Four Basic Interactions of Yin and Yang


Yin and yang are opposites


Yin and yang are divisible but inseparable

(yin yang ke fen er bu ke li)


Yin and yang are rooted in each other

(yin yang hu gen)


Yin and yang counterbalance each other

(yin yang zhi yue)


Yin and yang mutually transform each other

All therapy principles in TCM intend to either retain or reestablish the balance of yin and yang. Complete balance of yin and yang means perfect health; imbalance or disharmony between the two poles signifies illness.

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