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Spleen yang vacuity can result from protracted spleen qi vacuity or pronounced weakening of the spleen due to cold foods, irregular meal times, and irregular eating habits.

Western diagnosis:

Chronic gastroenteritis, anemia, chronic malabsorption, and chronic gastroenterological disorders.


Feet and hands are always cold; shivering; a sensation of cold in the abdomen; watery stool with undigested food particles; edemas, weakness, fatigue, chronic digestive problems.


Four factors can weaken the spleen:


Supplement spleen qi

  • SP-3 • SP-2 • BL-20 • BL-21 IP • ST-36 • CV-12 • Moxa
  • Avoid:

Cold or cooling yin foods; excess acrid flavors; excessive consumption of sweets, especially refined sugar. The most common ones are outlined below:

• Diet

  • Mental strain
  • Climate
  • Chronic illness

Diet: Probably the number one factor leading to a weakening of spleen qi. Bad eating habits such as irregular meals, eating too late in the day (e.g., having the first warm meal of the day in the evening), overeating, excessive consumption of cold and raw foods (too many yin products), too much dairy, too much frozen food, heating and cooking foods in the microwave, excessive consumption of acrid spices, and too many yin foods during the cold season all contribute to a weakening of spleen qi.

Mental strain:Excessive mental activity and mental strain produce spleen qi vacuity. This syndrome is compounded by food eaten too hastily due to mental strain combined with time pressure and stress.

Climate: Since the spleen despises wetness and dampness, it is sensitive to all dampness, especially from protracted exposure to wet weather or damp living environments, which weaken the spleen.

Chronic illnesses: Protracted illness progressively weakens and exhausts the spleen and eventually also weakens the kidney organ network.


Pineapples, oranges, bananas, kiwis, watermelons, lemons


Cucumbers, raw foods, excessive consumption of salads (especially during the cold season), tomatoes


Cold or iced drinks; too much mineral water; energetically cool fruit juices (e.g., orange juice); black tea, green tea, wheat beer, light beer

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, farmer's cheese, cream cheese, milk, sour milk products (e.g., yogurt, kefir)

Regular meals; at least one warm meal a day. Sweet and warming foods such as:


Sweet-hot, sweet-warm, sweet-neutral

Cooking method

Neutral and warming


Poultry, poultry broth, lamb, beef, beef stock, venison


Trout, salmon, tuna, shellfish


Sweet apples, apricots, dates, jujube (Chinese dates), figs, sweet cherries, peaches, plums, raisins, red grapes


Fennel, cabbage, pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions gently sauteed until transparent


Fennel tea, spiced tea with cinnamon (yogi tea), mead, liqueurs, corn silk tea, licorice tea, red grape juice


Amaranth, oats, millet, polenta, short-grain (glutinous) rice, rice

Nuts and seeds

Peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, sesame, walnuts


Maple syrup, barley malt, raw honey, marzipan, raisins, raw cane sugar (e.g., Rapadura), molasses


Aniseed, star anise, cayenne, pepper, fennel, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon; also spices of the fire phase such as coriander, oregano, rosemary, thyme

"Sea of food and liquids"

Comment: Spleen syndromes are a domain of Chinese dietetics. Treatment duration is two to three months; eat regularly.

.ZV Millet porridge with raisins, löP cinnamon, nuts, and warming fruits 1 for breakfast.

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