Spleen and Stomach Qi Vacuity Stomach and Spleen Yang Vacuity


Vomiting of watery fluids, in part with undigested food particles after meals, loss of appetite, fatigue, heart palpitations. Tongue: Pale, damp; white fur Pulse: Slow, slippery


Supplement spleen and stomach Downbear counterflow qi

Only with good knowledge of acupuncture:

  • PC-6 (most important point)
  • ST-36 • CV-12 • GV-20
  • SP-4 • CV-13
  • Avoid:

Raw and thermally cold and cool foods (salads, fruit, fruit juices), excess dairy, excess of acrid spices.

Foods that supplement spleen and stomach and that downbear qi.

Organ network

Spleen, stomach

Flavor/thermal nature

Sweet-warm, sweet-neutral

Preparation methods

Steamed, boiled


Dates, raisins


Fennel, carrots, sweet Hpotatoes


Millet, rice


Freshly grated ginger, malt


Vacuity and disharmony of center burner with upbearing stomach qi, in part caused by inappropriate diet (excess foods with cold thermal nature), overburden.

j| A pinch of freshly grated ginger daily in the morning, for one to two weeks! Or simmer a thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger in 0.5 L (two cups) of water for 20 minutes; drink while warm.

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