Liver Fire Flaming Upward Gan Huo Shang

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Western diagnosis:

Cephalgia (headaches), migraine, hypertension (high blood pressure), Ménière disease (auditory vertigo), tinnitus, chronic conjunctivitis.


Restlessness, insomnia, irritability, sudden loss of temper, vertigo (dizziness), severe headaches, red eyes, intraocular pressure, dry mouth, bitter taste in mouth, nose bleeds, tinnitus. Tongue: Dry, red, red edges, yellow fur Pulse: Tight, rapid


Thermal nature

Cool and cold foods

Cooking method

Cooling, raw foods


Sour-cool, sour-cold, bitter-cool, bitter-cold


Reduce salt and meat, vegetarian diet for several days or weeks, no alcohol, no sugar, no coffee; see also dietary recommendations for ascending liver yang, page 93.

With liver fire flaming upward, choose foods with a downbearing and strongly cooling effect.


Diet: Excess alcohol, overly spicy and overly fatty foods. Overuse of warming cooking methods such as grilling, barbecuing, searing, frying, etc.

General: Common cause is liver qi stagnation resulting from prolonged emotional disharmony, such as anger, frustration, and rage.


Bananas, rhubarb, watermelons, lemons, tropical fruits


Cucumbers, water chestnuts, spinach, tomatoes, celery


Yerba mate tea, wheat beer, vermouth

Dairy products



Salt, dandelion, gentian


With this syndrome, all heating foods need to be strictly avoided. Symptoms often appear suddenly, and immediate acupuncture can help manage them. Combined with Chinese herbal remedies, long-term treatment can achieve good results.

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