Heart Fire Flaming Upward Xin Huo Shang

Western diagnosis:

High blood pressure, autonomic heart conditions, glossitis (burning tongue).


Intense emotional symptoms such as inner restlessness, anxiety, sleep disorders with nightmares, emotional instability and impulsiveness, red face, erosion and ulceration in the mouth area (canker sores), bitter taste in mouth, dark urine. Tongue: Red tip, yellow fur, red dots Pulse: Rapid, strong


Thermal nature

Cool and cold foods


Bitter-cool, bitter-cold, sour-cool, sour-cold


Rhubarb, watermelons, lemons


Raw vegetable salads, tomatoes, dandelion


Bread drink (a lacto-fermented beverage made from grain), black tea

Dairy products

Sour milk products


Gentian, vermouth, green tea


Diet: Too many overly spicy and warming foods.

General: Strong emotional agitation and strain, such as long-suppressed fears and worries can suddenly discharge as heart fire flaming upward.


In its acute stage, this syndrome can be only marginally improved through dietary therapy. It can, however, benefit from nutritional therapy in the long term. Treatment should focus on acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies.

Heart fire flaming upward is frequently associated with kidney yin and heart yin vacuity, resulting in loss of governance of heart yang.

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