Gu Qi Drum Qi or Food Qi

Gu qi develops during the first transformation stage as stomach and spleen process ingested foods. The quality of newly formed gu qi depends on the purity of foods ingested (if possible, fresh and not processed or denatured) and on the condition of the digestive organs stomach and spleen. If these organs are in a chronic or acute state of fatigue, quantity and quality of gu qi are reduced. This gradually leads to general debility with a tendency to chronic vacuity symptoms. Since gu qi is a renewable energy source, it plays a key role in Chinese medicine. Gu qi makes up the biggest share of the renewable energies. This role was emphasized by the traditional "School of the Middle," which viewed nutritional therapy as a key element in the treatment of diseases.

"Without knowledge about proper diet, it is hardly possible to enjoy good health."

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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