Binding Depression of Liver Qi Gan Qi Yu

Western diagnosis:

Menstrual disorders, gynecological problems such as dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual cramps), disorders of the vegetative (autonomous) nervous system, premenstrual syndrome, depression.


Feeling of congestion and swelling in chest, bloating in epigastric region, gas, irritability, depression, frustrations, mood swings with sudden outbursts of feeling, impaired appetite, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), nausea, retching, stomach aches, diarrhea (restraining cycle, or xiang ke—liver excess attacks the stomach). Tongue: Vividly colored, curled at the edges Pulse: Tight


Clear binding depression of liver qi pP • LR-3 • LR-14 • GB-34 • LR-13

Foods that burden the liver.


Alcohol, coffee


Drugs, food coloring, preservatives, heavily spiced foods, sugar


Only a few foods have a calming effect on the liver.

To stimulate qi flow




Ginger, garlic, pepper (these spices should be used only in small amounts, otherwise they can damage the liver), marjoram


Kohlrabi, leeks, radish


Alcohol, coriander, chili (careful, hot!)

as the combination LI-4 Union Valley (he gu) and LR-3 Supreme Surge (tai chong) are very useful in dissolving binding depression of liver qi.

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