A heartfelt "thank you" to my parents, who gave me the freedom to walk uncommon paths, and to my teachers, who showed me the way. My gratitude also goes out to my patients, who time and time again have proven to me how consistent integration of Chinese nutrition into our daily diet helps overcome illness and creates health. I am also grateful to all the people who have attended my seminars, for their willingness to be inspired by this initially rather unfamiliar body of thought and to practice its principles in their own life and with their patients. I especially thank my wife,

Ulrike, who has stood by me and supported me all the way and who demonstrates to me continually the culinary, sensual pleasures of Chinese nutrition. A big "thank you" also goes out to my editor Angelika-M. Findgott for providing such valuable guidance and showing so much editorial patience, and to Johanna Cummings-Pertl, for her meticulous editing of the English translation of this book, and for offering many suggestions for improvements. Together, they made the U.S. edition of this book even better than the German original.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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