Drying the Cheese

After pressing, remove the cheese from the press and gently peel off the cheesecloth. Place cheese on a cheese board or cheese mat and air-dry it at room temperature for several days. Turn the cheese several times a day to allow even drying of all surfaces. If any unwanted mold develops on the surface of the cheese, rub it off with a piece of cheesecloth dampened in vinegar.

Some cheeses such as Gouda or Swiss are placed in a brine solution immediately after coming out of the press. The brine is made by adding salt to a gallon of water, until the salt no longer dissolves. This takes about six cups of coarse salt. The container holding

Pressure, outlined in most recipes, is increased gradually, and cheese is flipped se veral times.

the brine must be noncorrosive. Glass or stainless steel is ideal. Placing the cheese in a brine adds salt to the cheese and produces a fairly tough rind on the maturing cheese. Brined cheeses are usually soaked from two to twenty-four hours.

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