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Surviving a bout with cancer has a way of changing the way you look at the world.You may find yourself more determined than ever to dive into new experiences, to "seize the day." You may emerge with a deeper appreciation of family, friends and other quiet comforts that many of us take for granted.

Whatever your individual experience, sooner or later you will face the kind of practical, everyday questions that accompany life as a cancer survivor: Now what? How should I live? An estimated 8.5 million Americans face these same questions daily - Americans who, like you, have undergone successful treatment and are now leading vital, cancer-free lives.

Maybe your doctor has recommended some healthy changes to your diet.You probably already know that eating well and staying active can promote overall health and a sense of well being. But did you know that making such adjustments may also help keep your cancer from returning?

Of course, scientific study of the nutritional needs of cancer survivors is just beginning, and there are no guarantees. But research that has been building for years suggests that healthy diets can actually help your body prevent or even halt the development of many cancers.

Scientists suspect that the same dietary changes recommended for cancer prevention may also aid in fending off both recurrence and secondary cancers.

This booklet contains simple advice that has been specifically tailored to the cancer survivor. You will read about the state of the research -what science does and does not yet know. You will learn tips for making small, everyday adjustments in what you eat and how you live. We'll also help you make sense of confusing and contradictory health claims, so you can make informed choices on your own.

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Gaining Weight 101

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