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With the FDA monitoring the safety of a supplement after it's in your kitchen cabinet (or even your gut) and the GMP giving us little confidence on all issues associated with quality, there are many reasons to be skeptical about supplements. If you still need to be convinced, here's a list of reasons why you need to do your own research before buying a supplement:

  • The FDA does not ensure that your supplement is safe until after it hits the shelves.
  • Unlike with drugs, manufacturers do not have to ensure that the supplement is safe (through research in humans) prior to selling.
  • The FDA will take action against a supplement only after reports of adverse effects start rolling in.
  • The buyer is expected to report adverse reactions to the FDA.
  • The manufacturer does not have to make sure it works, nor is any agency or organization required to check to make sure that your supplement is effective.
  • A "seal of approval" on the label means that the supplement has passed the manufacturer's quality testing. It does not say anything about its safety or effectiveness.
  • Supplements are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure disease . . . yet they can have adverse effects.
  • If you want to know if a particular brand is effective, contaminated, safe, or even contains what the label says it does, you are to call the manufacturer!

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