The Final Countdown

Within the hour before an event, some folks worried that eating may cause a spike and subsequent drop in blood glucose or block the body's ability to use fat as fuel. Despite this con- ^^

cern, research has shown that topping off the tank in the sixty minutes prior to working out actually improves performance. Experts agree that consuming carbs in the hour before the gun goes off will be beneficial.

"I always have a PowerGel 20 minutes prior to any event." —Hollie Kenney, seventeen-time All-American and professional triathlete


PowerBar Performance Bar PowerBar Harvest Bar PowerBar Gel

2 oz low-fat animal crackers 2 oz dried apricots

230 calories 240 calories 110 calories 253 calories 282 calories

43 g carb 42 g carb 27 g carb 42 g carb 47 g carb (continued)



2 oz pretzels 2 tbsp hummus

2 waffles

2 tbsp maple syrup

Fruit smoothie 1 medium banana V2 cup diced pineapple V2 cup canned peaches in light syrup 8 oz skim milk

1 cup macaroni V2 cup marinara sauce 1 oz mozzarella cheese

1 cup Cheerios

282 calories

345 calories

277 calories

263 calories

294 calories

40 g carb

49 g carb

56 g carb

63 g carb

62 g carb

2 tbsp raisins 4 oz skim milk 1 medium orange

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