Poor Protein Intake

While in the United States protein deficiency is rare, it can occur. It is uncommon in athletes; it most often occurs in ill individuals or in individuals who are otherwise malnourished or restricting calorie intake. The effects of protein deficiency are immense due to the many roles protein plays in keeping our bodies functioning. We've seen protein-malnourished individuals who otherwise took in plenty of calories. On one occasion we worked with a young female who refused to eat anything but chips, pop, and snack cakes. Her parents were unwilling to recognize her eating issues and help provide simple solutions to help improve her overall diet. Consequently she arrived in a state of protein malnutrition, with thinning hair, pale skin, and a bulging belly from edema. Once she (or her parents) realized the need to eat properly and increase her protein intake, her malnutrition resolved.

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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

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