Chicken breast, boneless, skinless

Turkey breast, white meat only

Egg (whole)

Egg white

Egg substitute

Flounder Haddock Halibut Trout

Lox (smoked salmon) Tuna (fresh or canned in water) Salmon (fresh or canned) Catfish

Red meat/beef Lean roast beef deli meat

Select/Choice grade beef trimmed of fat Steaks of round, sirloin, and flank Roasts of rib, chuck, and rump Ground round or ground sirloin (drained) Pork Fresh or boiled ham, trimmed

Canadian bacon Tenderloin Center loin chop Dairy Low-fat cottage cheese

Fat-free cheeses Low-fat/2% milk-fat cheeses Skim milk 2% milk

Yogurt, light (artificially sweetened)

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