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Secrets Of The Ocean Breath

The Ocean Breath eBook gives you a method of breathing that goes far beyond just breathing to live. This book can teach you how to breath to release stress, stop repetitive thoughts, refresh all your body cells by the release of energy, and connect with your surroundings. The Ocean Breath method will also improve your sex life; you will be able to have far more powerful orgasms, as you are more connected with your own newly rejuvenated body. It will allow men to recover their sexual potential; men will be able to have long and harder erections, and women will be able to feel more desire and have multiple orgasms. The method helps you to connect better with your lover, and love them for who they really are, not what you want them to be. This complete eBook course gives you the tools to live life more strongly than you ever have before.

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Increasing Digestive Strength

Chinese oriental medicine claims that some people do not have enough fire in their constitution to thrive on raw foods. Anyone, however, can increase their fire to help digest raw foods. The best way to increase the fire one's constitution is to Sunbathe. It is my experience that the more direct Sun energy the body receives, the greater is the digestive strength. Other ways to increase the fire in one's constitution is to practice vigorous exercise, deep breathing, and astanga yoga. In yoga we find the breath of fire, which entails inhaling passively, exhaling in bursts through the nose as you pull the lower bell in, drawing up from the perineum.

Taking time out for air

At the same time, alcohol flows in blood from your heart through your pulmonary vein to your lungs. Now you breathe out a tiny bit of alcohol every time you exhale, and your breath smells of liquor. Then the newly oxygenated, still alcohol-laden blood flows back through the pulmonary artery to your heart, and up and out through the aorta (the major artery that carries blood out to your body).

Top Non Traditional Muscle Building Fat Blasting Workouts

Wind Sprints and Hill Sprints - Find any open field in a park or athletic field and try 50, 75, and 100-yard all-out wind sprints. After each sprint, rest long enough to catch your breath before the next one (generally 1-2 minutes). Try workouts of anywhere from 6 to 20 wind sprints for a great cutting workout. Also, if you have a hill nearby, hill sprints are also great workouts. Sprint up the hill as fast as you can and walk down for your rest interval. Repeat until you're whooped. These sprint workouts are so amazingly effective at changing your entire body for the same reason as stairs powerfully working the biggest muscle groups in your entire body, you greatly stimulate your metabolism while simultaneously increasing your fat burning and muscle building hormones. Just look at any world class 100-meter sprinters and notice how ripped-to-shreds those guys endurance long distance swimming. For sprint style, swim as hard as you can to the other side of a 25-meter or...

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book I

Second is the fact that the lungs play a major role in the human immune system. The lungs are the pump for the lymph system. There is four times as much lymph in the body as blood lymph bathes every cell of the body. As long as the lymph is kept clean and pumping through the body in an orderly fashion by daily deep breathing, the immune system will become incredibly strong. Deep breathing alkalizes the body by removing carbonic acid (dissolved carbon dioxide) from the blood and lymph. respiration pattern. Long slow breaths slow the heart (that is why Ehret called the heart a valve, not a pump). Deep breathing warms you up. If you feel cold by eating raw foods, then take deep breaths to warm your body Take deep breaths to increase your inner fire energy. Fourth, oxygen eliminates pain. Pain in the body is always associated with a lack of oxygen in that area. Athletes who strain a muscle often continue to play, in fact prefer to play, because by staying active the strained muscle...

Coronary Artery Disease CAD

Establishing good exercise and dietary habits early in childhood is important to prevent heart disease. Regular activity and proper nutrition decreases reactivity to stress and makes the heart stronger and more efficient. At least thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily is recommended to prevent heart disease. Stress management helps to prevent high blood pressure, which is a major contributor to heart disease. Techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, and meditation may prevent coronary disease by improving resistance to stress. see also Arteriosclerosis Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Diseases Exercise.

Ancestral Air Qi Zong Qi

With each breath, ancestral qi contributes to the total energy of the body, making up about one third of the total renewable energy. Proper breathing and good, clean air enhance its energetic quality. Ancient Chinese techniques can contribute to an increase in ancestral qi through specific breathing exercises, such as qi gong or tai chi, or exercises from the Asian martial arts.

Dr Richard Khunan

Bio-oxidative therapies are very effective in bringing oxygen into the brain to make it able to think. These include oxygen chamber therapy, ozone therapy, and hydrogen peroxide, among others. Also, vitamin E, aerobic exercising, and deep breathing in a relatively pure environment can be helpful. The herb gingko biloba is very beneficial.