The Laymans Guide To Anabolic Steroids

by Mick Hart Quick Info

These are real world best selling steroid books that are now available online as ebooks, written by the UK's leading bodybuilding and steroid coach - the very straight talking Mick Hart. The incredible popularity of these ebooks has provoked plenty of recent media coverage including recent issues of Men's Health and even the UK's highly regarded "Guardian" newspaper.

Mick Hart is one of the very few coaches globally who is completely open and honest about the widespread use of steroids in not only bodybuilding but sports in general, and in these "Layman's Guides" he explains what can be a very complicated subject in simple terms that anyone can understand, as well as offering clear advice on correct use; always with safety as the main focus.

Mick's claim is that these guides will "teach you how to use anabolic steroids safely and effectively and achieve maximum gains in the shortest possible time"... exactly what anyone who trains using steroids want!

If you have any interest in steroid use at all then without question the "Layman's Guides" are a good place to start.

Muscle Gaining Revealed

Muscle Gaining Revealed

You’ll learn how to use many different tactics for building those tiny muscles into rippling, huge, strong muscles that will not only impress the ladies heck, it will impress you. Don’t fall for those over the counter powders that you’re supposed to mix into your food, like muscles are going to magically appear overnight. Come on now, let’s get real ok. I’m going to show you the exact processes I used to gain my rippling muscles and then you can follow my system.

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