The Chris Report Year on Steroids with onris Hart

by Mick Hart Quick Info

This report is quite amazing and testament to the faith that Mick Hart (author of the Layman's Guides to steroids) has in his knowledge of safe and effective steroid use. The Chris Report is the complete step by step diary of his own son's (Chris) one year on anabolic steroids preparing for his first bodybuilding show.

You should take a look yourself to see the end results... he went from virtually "zero" to British Championship qualifier in just under 12 months, an incredible feat... more so when you consider that most people who use steroids would consider the amounts Chris used to be way to low to achieve anything serious.

The Chris Report Steroids

This report is very much in the Mick Hart vein of using steroids only as the "icing on the cake" in a training routine, and his insistance on safety and getting the maximum results from the smallest dosages enabled his son to produce a remarkable physique, with no side effects, in less than 1 year.

The report cover's exactly what Chris ate, which supplements he took, which steroids he used (including all stacking and dosages etc.), plus the exact training routines he followed... and the success of the plan is fully documented by Chris's photos and competition results.

Steroids Mick Hart Son Chris Hart

Chris Hart

After 1 Year On Roids

Chris Hart

After 1 Year On Roids


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