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Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle

Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle

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by Tudor Bompa Quick Info

This is one of those books that is on the shelf of every one of the guru types in the bodybuilding and strength industry. Bompa is acknowledged as one of the greatest experts in his field.

However, this is not an easy read, this is not for beginners, it's aimed at the more advanced trainee or indeed trainer.

Bompa was a little early to be heralded in the same vein as Poliqin, Staley etc, however had the bodybuilding scene been so big on elevating people to guru status in those days, Bomba would have been the guy in all the bodybuilding magasines.

Bomba was one of the writers who led the way and it's why he's praised and quoted by almost all the big names guru types in the industry. He doesn't have the dazzle and glitz of some of the personalities in the business right now but he sure has hell is partially behind many of today's gurus information.

Lots of training routines in this book, quite a lot of science , and some diet info. As we said above, this is not Body For Life, type stuff, this is serious training, very advanced techniques, don't order it if you want generic rubbish like 'Eat Big Train Big', this the art of bodybuilding science at it's peak.

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