Ronnie Coleman The Unbelievable

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We must have watched 15 or more , so called training DVD's from pro bodybuilders before we finally settled on Ronnie and Dorian Yates' DVD's.

To be perfectly honest some were very poor, some were pretty good, honourable mentions goes to Jay Cutlers but only two DVD's really stood out , and that was Ronnie & Dorians.

The truth is , if insane size, out of this world poundages and mind boggeling muscle is your gig, then watching Ronnie workout in four different sessions is the DVD you should consider buying. They simply don't come any bigger or more muscular than Ronnie, when you see this film you realise why he just keeps winning Olympia after Olympia. The truth is, when Ronnie is on form, nobody can touch him, he's really is like something from another planet, the muscle just simply doesn't stop. He has veins in his legs bigger than most people's forearms and the physical poundages he can shift would make powerlifters jealous at times.

You'll see Ronnie train full sessions, watch Ronnie at work in the Police force, watch him eat and talk about his nutrition a little bit and so on. We don't think any of the other pro's videos are quite as good, this is our pick if you had to choose one.



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