Priming the Anabolic Environment

by William D. Brink Quick Info

This is probably one of the best all round bodybuilding books about. It's been out ages now but the information is as relevant now as it ever was as far as gaining mass fast is concerned.

It's just a great read , written by one of a handful of people awarded the guru status in the bodybuilding world. Will Brink is most know for his column in Musclemag but he pops up all over the place, see his website for full bio at

Priming the Anabolic Environment contains all the info you need on training routines, supplement reviews, steroids, posing and much more.

There's a seperate chapter for each major bodypart, a chapter for nutrition, one for supplements, one one steroids, one on cardio, one on how to buy an effective fat burning supplement and much more.

You can see all the good reviews on about it. Forget the one guy who's wittering on about it being a steroid book, don't buy it if you want a detailed steroid book, it only contains one chapter about steroids, the rest is all natural information on bodybuilding and gaining mass. Clearly that reviewer ust have lost the plot.

You can read the reviews and buy it by clicking on the link below:

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