Physically Incorrect

by Charles Staley

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Tired of searching for the No B.S. truth about what you really need to do to make profound changes in your physique and in your results at the gym? Look no further than Coach Staley's massive compendium of training methods, tricks, tips, secrets, and "in the trenches" insights.

518 Pages, Illustrated, Glossary, Indexed, Full PDF Navigational Features included.If your a Staley fan you must have this ebook. It's essentially a compilation of everything Coach Staley has written on EDT training over the last decade or so.

All the tips , tricks and principles , Staley has departed to his massive following of EDT diciples. All his magainse articles without the cuts made before they got to the mags, all the real nitty gritty of how to start putting on muscle fast.

This thing is BIG, at 518 pages we think it's probably the biggest ebook out there on training, it's really a lifeswork here for a few bucks and we don't think you can go wrong with it.

It's fully illustrated as well, making it easy if your new to the EDT approach.

Not as direct a program as Staley's other ebook, Massive Arms, but probably containing more information on the EDT system as a whole. Call it the EDT bible if you will.


Chemically Engineered

Chemically Engineered

Push Beyond Your Genetic Potential Using Steroids To Build Massive Muscle. If you grew up as a skinny geek like I did then you understand why some people decide to use steroids to push beyond the limits that nature left them with.

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