Muscle Building Nutrition

by William D. Brink Quick Info

Will Brink is pretty much renowned in bodybuilding circles as the supplement guru, his writings are in hard back and magasines all over the world. He has had a column in Musclemag for years and contributes nearly every month to Muscular Development.

The title 'Muscle Building Nutrition' , is a little misleading as that's only half of this book, as although it contains his tried and tested mass gaining/bodybuilding diet , that he has taught to pro bodybuilders, natural athlethes, golfers and many other star atheletes , it also contains reviews on over 30 bodybuilding supplements, including creatine, prohormones, whey , casein, ZMA etc.

Not only that there is a huge chapter devoting to training for mass by renowned training guru Charles Poliquin. More details from the link at the end of this quick review.

On top of that, when you buy this ebook you also get access to a private members forum which has thousands of members on it who are able to help you with your questions. Will Brink himself, Charles Staley, Byran Haycock & Charles Poliquin are all found on this forum with thousands of like minded individuals.

Not only that, the forum has over 250 brand name supplements reviewed by over 5000 members and comes with it's own rating system that members vote on, giving each supplement a rating out of 5.

It also comes with access to a private members zone area, with exclusive

The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

Our lives have come a long way from the Stone Age, and we are quite thankful for the variousĀ  technological advancements that have brought us so far. We still have a long way to go, but the place we are right now is quite commendable too.

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