Legal Muscle Anabolics In America

by Rick Collins Quick Info

We did hesitate as to whether we should include this book for a while, mainly because it has such a small interest group, but to those that it's relevant to this is probably the most important book we are recommending full stop.

If you do take steroids, then Legal Muscle should be on your shortlist, this is really a guide to your rights as an American should you be caught with steroids.

This is the only addition we made in this book, without thoroughly reading it, mainly due to the consistently good feedback we saw on it on various forums on the internet.

It's not going to appeal to many people who have this free ebook, but as we said above, those that in this situation need the information this book provides and we want to cover those products that could be of enormous help to people even if it the amount of people it was relevant to was minimal.

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Chemically Engineered

Chemically Engineered

Push Beyond Your Genetic Potential Using Steroids To Build Massive Muscle. If you grew up as a skinny geek like I did then you understand why some people decide to use steroids to push beyond the limits that nature left them with.

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