Ground Turkey Omelette Serves


8 Large Fresh Chicken Egg 2 Large Chicken Egg's Whole

2 Small Onions Raw

3 oz Turkey Ground , Raw

1 1/2 cup cvnned kidney beans (any type) 1 Cup chopped green peppers, sweet raw (bell) 1 cup, mushrooms (raw) 3 table spoons Olive Oil 1 dash ground black pepper. 1 tsp RTS hot pepper sauce. 1 tsp ground tumeric 3 cloves raw garlic

1 cup chopped red pepper, sweet raw 1 tsp lea and perrins worcestershire sauce


In medium non stick skillet saute' pan cook turkey,vegetables and spices,except turmeric, in 1 tsp olive oil until tender. In mixing bowl, whip all eggs and turmeric. In second saute' pan heat 1 tsp olive oil, add 1/4 egg mixture and cook until omelet is formed. Repeat to make 4 omelettes. Place 1 omelette on place and fill with 1/2 of the turkey mixture then place 1 omelette on top to form a sandwich. Repeat to form 2nd sandwich. Serve hot.

Nutritional Information

Calories (Per Serving) : 508 Protein (g) : 42 Carbohydrates (g)- 50.5 Fat(g) : 17

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