Dorian Yates Blood Guts

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90% of the bodybuilding word were Dorian Yates fans and many people already own this gem.


This is Dorian at his best, over 300lbs of Dorian and his Irish training partner going balls to the wall at Yate's temple gym in Birmingham, England.

This is not some 'sweat sprayed on' movie. This is Yates going through his workouts for real, with serious weights and a determination that's hard to match anywhere in the sport, we don't think anyone trains harder than Yates, his intensity has to be seen to be believed.

We think the Ronnie Coleaman video is overal more fun to watch as you see Ronnie out of the gym, but if pure inspiration for training is what your after, then they simply don't come any better than Yate's Blood & Guts.

Don't expect a load of tips on Diet, and pre contest planning or anything along those lines. This is just 80 minutes or so of Yates showing what made him a 6 time Mr Olympia.

All his high intensity training is shown in this DVD or video, massive application of pain management and if your one of those people who needs some motivation to get down the gym, just slap 10 minutes of this on and you'll be down there post haste.

Our vote for the best overall bodybuilding DVD goes to Ronnie, but the best for sheer motivation goes to Dorian.

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

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