In North America much of the soil is low in zinc, a mineral that governs many essential functions in our body systems. A high concentration is found in the fingernails, hair, skin, and prostate gland. Trace elements found in the liver help break down alcohol. Those who drink excessively are often deficient in this mineral because large quantities of alcoholic beverages flush stored zinc from the liver into the urine.

Since zinc serves as a component of approximately 25 different enzymes required for the digestion and metabolism of carbohy-

iiruiĀ«. proteins, mid lats, 11 it iil paruiiilnr signilicartcc to bodybuilder*, Also, studies have shown it helps in ihc absorption id vitamins, especially ihe B-comp5e\ group with a resulting high level :il energy, I have expeiiniftucd with uK'rt.uiirik! my intake ol zinc without gaining the benefit of increased energy, yet I regularly take supplements containing it to compensate for food grown in /ine-poor soil. Fiji youi information. I Wmild like toatld that vnmc lUlhnriliLS ciiimi ' i-. aivo requijed tor liculthy-luokiny hnir and skin.

Deficiencies, limited absorption, and toxicity Most deficiencies are caused by diets that focus on a few types of food and exclude others. Loss of appetite, increased fatigue, dull hair, and s ow healing of wounds are some deficiency symptoms Absorption is also inhibited by EDTA, a chelating substance found in canned foods that is used to preserve their color and "true" flavor. Toxicity can occur from taking megadoses or from food kept in gidvuni/ed eon turner-

Best vourra Liver, oyuecs spices, to tula \r.isr wheat bran.

Good sources

Animal Cheddar cheese, chicken (dark meat), crab, eggs, lamb, pork, tuna, turkey (dark meat).

Fruit No good sources.

Grains, nuts, seeds Granola, peanut butter, peanuts, popcorn, wheat germ, whole wheat flour.

l i'Tjntables Lentil sprouts, peas, turnip greens.

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