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In truth I have never found any food more wonderful than eggs, and my opinions regarding their value are stressed throughout this book. Many young bodybuilders, however, are particularly vulnerable when it comes to believing myths created to sell certain food products at high prices. For example, one myth popular in bodybuilding circles a few years ago gave credit to the stimulating effects of Siberian ginseng for the superior performance of Russian athletes. Because anything with an exotic name seems to hold magical qualities, especially if you are young, 1 tried some but failed to discover any benefits A short time later I went to Czechoslovakia as a participant in a weightlifting event also attended by a number of Russian athletes. Since a few spoke German, I took the opportunity to question them about the stimulating properties of Siberian ginseng I somehow was unable to realize. They shrugged their shoulders, saying they couldn't advise me since Russian athletes never drank the stuff. So, another myth died and was set to rest.

Spirulina, produced from a blue-green alga, has been touted as a miraculous energy-boosting substance. Although it is reported as being higher in protein than any other natural food, I am of the opinion that there is more protein in one egg than an entire bottle of spirulina. For this reason, it is totally useless for bodybuilders.

The same holds true for bee pollen, advertised as an age-retarding and rejuvenation food from the male germ cell of the plant kingdom. Some people may derive benefits from itb supply iff vitamins, minerals, enzyme*, und steroid substances, hut I tried bee pollen without discovering any.

Other items with a reputation among bodybuilders for being helpful are wheat germ for regulating body processes and wheat germ oils for preventing dry skin. I have tried both and can report only that their reputation is vastly overrated.

I realize that many individuals will try these products and other wonder foods to determine their value as I once did. Investigating myths for oneself is part of the learning process that leads every potential bodybuilding champion to eventually discard myths in favor of a few basic principles of sound nutrition and a good training program

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The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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