Vitamin P Bioflavonoids

Hundreds of different bioflavonoids make up the vitamin P group, over 30 of which are found in citrus fruits, giving their skin orange or yellow colors. The vitamin itself, however, is found in the white pulp and core that runs down the middle of citrus fruits. The only exceptions are tangerines, in which the highest percentage of bioflavonoids is found in the juice. Keep in mind that manufacturers of canned and frozen juices remove the white pulpy portion of citrus fruits because it gives a bitter taste to the juice.

Functions Bioflavonoids play a role in reducing water accumulation in the tissues, and for this reason may be helpful to bodybuilders having a problem in this area. In this case bioflavonoids should be taken with vitamin C since they work best together and are not found in vitamin C supplements. Also, those having difficulty with the proper absorption of vitamin C should find C-bioflavonoid supplements helpful to their condition. Then they should be taken daily because both vitamins are water-soluble and not stored in the body. Bioflavonoids also serve to strengthen capillary walls and help prevent bruising that occurs in contact sports.

Deficiency symptoms As bioflavonoids are such close companions of vitamin C, their deficiency symptoms are similar, being evidenced by fatigue, bleeding gums, cracking at the corners of the mouth, and fleeting muscular pain.

Toxicity None of the bioflavonoids is toxic.

Sources The best natural sources are whole citrus fruits. Other rich T,min,-'--s kite apricoK broccoli, cantaloupes, grupel'ruil green pepjJuts. lemons manges, papaya. red wine, (use hips, langerines, and tnmautes.

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