Vitamin K

The chief function of this fat-soluble vitamin is producing prothrombin, a blood-clotting substance that prevents hemorrhages. If you are sub|ect to nosebleeds very often, or notice that cuts take a long time to stop bleeding, I would suggest discussing the use of vitamin K with your doctor. Bodybuilders on steroids, which make the liver work overtime, may also want to investigate the use of this vitam n since it plays a role in maintaining a healthy liver. And, to a small degree, it also works in converting glucose to glycogen.

In addition to being found in foods and supplements, vitamin K is also manufactured in the body by intestinal flora. Yogurt stimulates the production of the flora, with only a teaspoon of yogurt necessary every few days to stimulate its growth.

Processing, destruction, toxicity, and deficiencies Little loss of vitamin K occurs at normal cooking temperatures; however, all food should be fresh, with lealy vegetables stored no longer than a day or two in the refrigerator. It is easily destroyed by sunlight, rancid fat, aspirin, and radiation, with deficiencies evidenced by nosebleeds, hemorrhages, and colitis. Natural forms do not produce toxicity, but menadione, one of its synthetic forms, has caused jaundice

Sources Some of the best sources are asparagus, avocados, beef cooking oils, green leafy vegetables, kidneys, liver, nuts, oatmeal, seeds, turnip greens, and wheat germ oil.

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