Vitamin F

Vitamin F, consist ng of unsaturated fatty acids and linoleic ac d, is another of the fat-soluble vitam ns. It does not play an important role in the nutritional intake of bodybu Iders but is listed for your information.

Functions Like vitamin D, it helps prevent muscular cramps by promoting the availability of calcium to the cells. It also breaks up cholesterol deposits on artery walls and aids in the transport of oxygen through the circulatory system to cells, tissues, and organs

Deficiency symptoms People having a high intake of carbohydrates may need to increase their intake of this vitam n. Deficien cies may cause acne or eczema.

Toxicity No tox c reactions are on record; however, an excess can lead to a weight gain of fat, not muscle.

Sources The best sources are cod liver oil, corn oil, pecans, safflower oil, soy oil, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ.

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