Vitamin D

11 you live In :m aiea with .in ubtiBtlnftcc ol bUrt&hine iind open spac'i am h a found in California. lex as. unci Horida, your body w ill form vitamin I) |usi frorn muviuh in rhe sunshine, provided you are mi! wearing hc«v^ clothing 1 lie ultraviolet rays oi the sun .it:ivale a type o| cholestcic>l found in llit -¡km farming prrvitamin l>. This liikcs piact during a period oi ibnat days befoTt entering I he circulatory system aa Uk vitamin iLv. U Ilodybuilders who eet enough sunshine have nn need to Irierca.-.e Lheil intake of vitamin D *,upplemcms even when they train. However, those with dark •xin may need additional supplements Iwcau« over M percent ni I he ultraviolet sM's from tin- sun do noi penetrate their skin iind form vitamin D A similar problem is encountered by those living ii crowded citic;, like New York i»nd Chicago where the ultraviolet rays are screened by fog and air pollutants like smoke and soot. A deep suntan maintained ovei some length of time will also decrease the formation of this vitamin in the skin.

Functions One of the more important functions relating to hrnlybuUdcrv js regulating the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium. since lack oi calcium lit the diet causes cramps, and iirfLU minerals urc nccewniry fot Mronji bone tissue Vitamin D aJ:»o serve» in the utilization <•! atninu JCtds Whtii it is lacking in the body system:, the excretion nj ammo ucidlt in urine is. increased.

Deficiency symptom* I .or.-, ol appetite, unusual thimt, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea tnav he symptomatic of u vitamin D deficiency.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Mineral oil and air pollutants, lo\lcit> Large delves of this vitamin should nut be taken us a maner of course hut should be prescribed hv a doctor Overdoses can cause abnormal deposits of calcium in the muscles and dt'culutory system and it reparable damage to the kidneys

Storage Canned Jind Irn/.cn foods can he stored -afely without loaing iheii content of vitamin Supplements an- rapid K defrayed hy nir, iiuhL and acids; therefore. you should keep them in tightly sealed, dark-colored boilles

Processing effects Vitamin D is stable even when foods containing it are cooked over high heat Being fat-soluble, no vitamin D is lost in cooking water

Best sourccs Cod liver oil, smoked eel, tuna (packed in oil).

Good sources

Animal Eggs, herring, kipper, liver, liverwurst, mackerel, milk (evaporated), pompano, salmon, sardines, whipping cream.

Fruit No good sources.

Grains, nuts, seeds Only cereals that are fortified or irradiated.

Vegetables No good sources.

Selection Because this is one of the fat-soluble vitamins, very little is lost in canned or frozen products. Most foods containing it are high in fat content, so it is better to depend on sunshine or supplements for an adequate intake.

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