Vitamin Bi Orotic Acid

To date, thi-, is not reudily available 1»"= tht I lilted States, although in Europe il has been found to be hclplul in treating multiple setcrosis.

Many of Its usrs .are still to he discovered, yet research shows it Is one of th--; factor, aiding in the metabolism ol lolie acjJ and utamm In addition, it seems to play rule Sn the replacement and restoration of some cells. While it was lound to stimulate the growth of laboratory animals, I his is yel to be proved with humans.

Scientists ani si ill working on the deficiency symptoms of orotic acid, but they have some evidence thai a lack of it may cause cell degeneration, liver disorders, und premature aging

Sources Too httle ü known to establish other guidelines for its use. hawi'ver, jI picsent we know ihr>i food sources include sour or cuidled miilk. whey, and loot vegetables likecarrotv potuUtrv and turnips.

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