Vitamin B Thiamine

Most often referred to as thiamine, vitamin B, was first used to cure beriberi a disease ol the nel'M.nls sysletli primarily affecting p-. tif>!c in riLf t.uinp Louutnes such us China Beiiberi simply means "i tan not" because ihost suffering from the disease ud a. deadening sensation in their muscles prc\n;nl 111^ them from mo'.-¡it around w.inout nient effort. TKu' was due to the lack .it thin 11 tine in their diet of polished nee. In nulling, the husk of ili; gram cqniaintng ihe vitamin was removed to give the ike -ir. appealing while cohu and j finer tcxiuiL Fo Mime extent the - oik proees» :s followed in manufacturing the packages ul r-ee, White I'lluti mid cereals Mucked on shelves in local .upeimiir^cl■ hoi rhi-. reason. I tecornnlenil Indndmg blown rice ill niun\ of lln: •Iil I- p .uibed 111 tli". hook Keep Itl mine llml rnmiiioi-: »boulit be included in the diet every day since the body has less capacity to store this water-soluble vitamin than any other and, although small amounts are found in many different foods, it is abundant in very few.

Functions For bodybuilders, one of the most important functions of thiamine is promoting the breakdown of carbohydrates into the glucose needed to produce energy. In other words, if the intake of thiamine is low, carbohydrates may turn into body fat, but when an adequate amount is included in the daily diet, carbohydrates are broken down and converted into energy. This helps maintain a healthy nervous system, giving thiamine the reputation of being a morale-lifting vitamin.

Studies have showed that the need for it increases when people are under physical or emotional stress. Also, acting as a coenzyme, it manufactures hydrochloric acid to aid digestion and helps keep muscles of the digestive tract in good tone. It is necessary to promote growth and prevents an influx of pyruvic acid in the blood that might otherwise cause an oxygen deficiency. Some people have benefited from its use in the treatment of herpes

Deficiency symptoms A moderate deficiency will cause muscular weakness, a sensation of numbness in the legs, and painful calf muscles. This may be accompanied by feelings of being tired, moody, and nervous Lack of ambition or apathy can be caused by a thiamine deficiency

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Large amounts of tea; raw seafood, particularly clams, shrimp, and herring, which contain enzymes causing thiamine molecules to split in two and thus deactivate them; and excessive sugar and alcohol will destroy or limit absorption of vitamin B|

Toxicity None.

Storage Because thiamine is not destroyed by air, no significant loss of the vitamin occurs when grain foods are kept at room temperature.

Processing effects From 15 to 25 percent of thiamine content is lost when baking bread, preparing hot cereal, and steaming vegetables. The loss almost doubles with cooked meat. When bread is toasted, a considerable loss of thiamine can occur due to the high, dry heat.

Best sourccs Bi ewer's yeast, cornflakes (fortified), red-skinned peanuts, lean poiL., torula yeast.

Good sources

Animal Canadian bacon, kidneys, liver.

Fruit A small amount is found in most fruits.

Gr.nn-; nuty. seed* Alfalfa seeiB. almonds, Brazil nuts. bread l.'nriLhedj. chestnuts. cnrnmeaJ i enriched I pi pino nuts, nee hrari. rice pnlishings, safflowcr seeds, -.unl'Wot seeds, sesame seeiU, soybean Hour, a a I nuts, ^beai bruit, wheal ¿lour wheal cerrn. whole barky. Urhoie cereals, and whole wheat

It'Xi'iuhlfi A small ¡-imount is found in ifioM •-eye!abies.

Sclcrlkn Bui brown rice rather than white It whole gram products ure not available in your :irea, rend package labels, and select onl\ thost that have Ikth enriched with the B-conplex vitamins, including thiamine.

Do not discard the red skins of peanuts; they are high in the B vitamins and an excellent source of niacin and riboflavin.

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