Vitamin B Riboflavin

Riboflavin, nr vitamin B;. has the distinction of being the only MKimin iound in »igjiificant amounts in nccr A little over one uuari almost meet? the daily requirements In general however, a little is found m mosl foods uf plan! and ■mimul origin. bun Q^ is missing entirely Imrri pure siijMr and fats Being ;.i water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored in (be body, so U should be included m the daiiydiei Kihotluvin like oilier member n1 the 8-complex, group, is most active working in a partnership with other Q vitamins 10 form en/ymcE and coenzyme* Althuugh it in found naturally n food* containing other B vitamins, ihc umoujil h usuully s-o small that obtaining a sufficient supply is difficult without sup piemen t-rnc the average daily diet. Most deficiencies occur in poor countries lacking a sufficiini supply "l eg|is milk, and meal. It your diet ic-sincts the use of dairy products or red meat, voui daily iiiiake nT riboflavin should be increased functions Bodybuilder:, should keep in mind that riboflavin is one of ihe vilamifls 1h»t help release energy iruni amino acids. I'ally lkicK .¿iid earbohydrules while Ihey ure- ^udergoinj! ihc p111l'.csr> of metabolism This energy is released gradually in every cell in llie body system, being necessary lor cell respiration and producing i-nryme.-, u> Maintain good vision anil htntltfiy sl.ii. nails, ,md haii. It is neceisnry for activating -.maun lir, iirnl forming niacin from the amino acid tryptophan. Some authorities claim large doses will reduce the craving for cake, candy, and other sugar-loaded foods.

Deficiency symptoms In America severe deficiencies seldom occur except among the aged and individuals on diets lacking both amimai protein and green, leafy vegetables. Also, a deficiency in riboflavin usually indicates other B-complex vitamins may be lacking in the diet. Feeling tired without good reason is one of the rmiior symptoms. If fatigue accompanies or follows particularly stressful situations, you may be lacking riboflavin in addition to the other B vitamins. At times, a deficiency will cause your eyes to become sensitive to light, and they may also get bloodshot. Small cuts or wounds will not heal easily, and cracks may develop at the corners of the mouth if you are deficient in this vitamin.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Alcohol, estrogen, and sulfa drugs destroy riboflavin. Sodium bicarbonate used in cooking vegetables is destructive to riboflavin Because B2 is easily destroyed by light, milk should be kept in cartons and all supplements in dark bottles.

Toxicity None

Storage Over 50 percent of the riboflavin content of foods is lost when exposed to light for more than two hours. Those who lament days gone by when milk was delivered in clear glass bottles to the back doorstep should be aware that more than half the riboflavin content was lost as bottles stood outside basking in the early morning sunshine. Basically, however, this is one of the most stable vitamins, not affected by the fluctuating room temperatures found in most kitchens. So, cereals and other grain products can be stored safely in closed boxes on the kitchen shelves. As mentioned above, all vitamin supplements should be kept in dark bottles.

Processing effects Being one of the heat-stable vitamins, very little riboflavin is iost during the process of cooking unless sodium bicarbonate is added to maintain the green color of vegetables. Also, riboflavin is barely water-soluble, so little is lost in any process involving large amounts of water

Best sources Beer, brewer's yeast, heart, kidneys, liver

Good sources

Animal Bacon, beef, cheese, chicken (dark meat), eggs, lamb, milk, mackcrcl, mutton, pork, sardines.

Fruit Avocados, grapefruit, mangoes, peaches, prunes, pears.

Grains, nuts, seeds Almonds, cornflakes (enriched), cornmeal (enriched), pecans, peanuts, rice polishings, rye flour, soybean flour, wheat flour (enndtLd), wheat bran, wheat germ, white bread (enriched)

I,'getables Biii greens. broccoli colkird-, dfindeliuri ^-■. . ri-.. endive, csunr>le lcllui\ (grerni, usiurJ gretna, 'iishronmr. 4 raw). turnip giecns,

Selection Read the labels on irrjun producLv wlcHmu ihme that have been enriched with riboflavin. Try to purchase organ meats from animals not injected with hormones.

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