Vitamin B Pyridoxinej

Considering tin. mure fcun Iv oi H-complex viianuns. num.- i-. mtire imporuinl lli body bidden ihuri Hf, i^- il plays an essential iole in the meLuholifinl ul pmleln* and the assimilation of Limine acids. To a lesser extent, it is also involved in the metabolism of car boll yd roles and fats.

rhe itti^r dmmutic example of the benefits derived from taking this vitamin occurred in 1981 when I was training for the Mr. Olyrapiu conies I It was then that 1 diH^ovricd vitumib H„ wits highly irnporlanl lr llie ;isj>imilulion "I ¡im;ni- nuil- Unlil this, time I wus cniiMrrvutivc in mv use ul virnrnins, tuking them only in small amounts, but when I came to understand the role played by B^ in breaking down iimino ¿mtU fur building muscle iisjiic, I decided tu Luke 500 mg diiilv ior eight week- Ai tilt end of this lime I noticed achnngc in my mu»cJe growLh tluit 1 iiati never ¿xpcpicneed before l ur ibis reason, I became ii lirm ti elk yit ;ii vuumin B,. when it a>mc$ rL* budyhulldiiiB

In general, I rccomnn.nd 250-51KJ nig of ihi- vitamin IO those who mdn tin id iind warn to increase muscle However, the daily intake is dependent on the amount of protein included in your diet as follows:


100 g 250 mg

125 g 500 mg

150 g 750 mg

175 g 1,000 mg

By adjusting your intake of vitamin B6 according to the amount of protein consumed, you can proportion your body as I did in winning the Mr. Olympia competition in 1981

Functions Some bodybuilders take diuretics to reduce the amount of water held in their muscle tissues. I find that vitamin B6 serves as a natural diuretic, aiding in the prevention of water bui dup in body tissues without damaging side effects Many diuretic pills cause chemical imbalances in the body systems and can cause kidney problems, but vitamin B6 will be as effective as any diuretic without causing health problems.

Also important to bodybuilders is the function of converting glycogen to the glucose needed for energy. At the same time, it assists in the funct oning of the central nervous system and, like the other B-complex vitamins, aids in the treatment of stress. By helping to maintain a balance of sodium and potassium, it regulates the body fluids, thereby promoting normal functioning of the muscle and skeletal systems. Without it, vitamin B12 could not be absorbed and assimilated properly and the production of hydrochloric acid and magnesium would be inhibited. Like riboflavin, it helps in the conversion of tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids.

Bear in mind that a daily supply is needed along with other B-complex vitamins. If taken alone it can cause imbalance or deficiency in other B vitamins. Although it facilitates the release of glycogen for energy from the muscles and liver, it is not stored in the liver and is excreted from the body within eight hours after taking it.

Deficiency symptoms Low blood sugar and low glucose tolerance are two deficiencies-that can be measured in tests given by your doctor. Deficiencies may also manifest themselves as muscular weakness, nervousness, depression, and sores on the skin, particularly at the nose tip. Drastic reducing diets and fasting can severely deplete the body's supply if sufficient supplements are not taken. And be aware that many B-complex tablets contain very little B^ because it is one of the more expensive vitamins. Some people believe a deficiency in vitamin Bg prevents them from remembering their dreams.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Alcohol, caffeine, birth control p lis, radiation, canning, estrogen, and certain food-processing techniques can destroy or limit B<i absorption.

Toxicit} Thi> vil am in is relatively nontoxic ¿ill hough injection!, ol lutgc do*" can cause ^ecpine.^h in some people and tljgill restlessness in others An imbalance or deficiency in other B vitamins can occur if too much B6 is taken alone

Storage Since most losses of this vitamin occur in canning or freezing, no additional damage is done by storing products containing ihis vitamin.

PmcenLng effect^ Over fid poieent "I the itutttm Bft content ol wheat is lost during the milling of white flour, and it is not included in the list of vitamins used to enrich most white bread, beef. fruits, and vcgclahlcs jt home results in a vitamin lo« of approximate^ 50 percent. Willi the highest loss tn beef occurring when it is fried at high temperatures.

Best sources Brewer's yeast, rice bran, rice polishings, sunflower seeds, torula yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ

Good sources

Animal Beef kidneys, beef liver, beef round, chicken, chicken giblets, chicken liver, halibut, mackerel, pork loin, salmon, tuna.

Fruit Avocados, bananas.

Grains, nuts, seeds Brown rice, cereal (whole wheat), peanuts (roasted), soybean flour, walnuts, whole wheat flour.

Vegetables Not a good source.

Selection Avoid purchasing canned or frozen products since a considerable loss of vitamin B^ occurs during the manufacturing process. For this reason, fresh tuna, salmon, and mackerel are far better nutritionally and have the advantage of lacking preservatives such as salt and oil. If you live in areas where fresh tuna is not available, but only water-packed tuna without added salt.

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