Vitamin B Pangamic Acid

Vitamin B15, more often referred to as pangamic acid, has the dubious reputation of being responsible for the increased energy levels of Russian athletes I have found that some manufacturers of American vitamins tend to credit the ingredients of any new product with having performed miracles in foreign countries, such as Russia and Switzerland. These claims are not based on fact but are created by copywriters struggling to earn a living just like everyone else. In truth, the superior performance of many Russian athletes is based on hard training, a carefully maintained diet, and discipline, established early in their lives with the guidance of highly experienced instructors.

Through the years, 1 have taken pangamic acid without experiencing any rise in my energy level; therefore, I cannot recommend it for bodybuilders. I can, however, offer the information that it has established a reputation in racing circles for enabling horses to run faster and tire less easily. I have yet to discover if the horses were American, Russian, or Swiss.

Although pangamic acid is classed as a vitamin, the Food and Drug Administration considers it a food additive since it is not organic in nature and no deficiency diseases have been documented from its lack in the diet. Pangamic acid was classed as a B vitamin when its sources were shown to be the same foods that are high in the other B-complex vitamins.

Deficiency symptoms There is some evidence that a deficiency causes fatigue due to a lack of sufficient oxygen in the cellular system.

Toxicity The only symptom of toxicity noted is nausea, yet the Food and Drug Administration is working to get this food supplement off the market.

Sources The main sources are apricot kernels, brewer's yeast, brown rice, ginkgo seeds, liver, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and whole grain cereals.

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