Vitamin B Laetrile

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Laetrile is quite often classed with the B vitamins, although a controversy still exists as to whether or not it is a true vitamin or a vitaminlike substance. As yet, laetrile has no practical use for bodybuilders, but it is listed here since bodybuilders competing in lorcign countries may hear it mentioned more often than in America.

Mainly, laetrile has built a reputation for having cancer-control ling properties and has been used for this purpose in Europe. In the United States laetrile has been rejected by the Food and Drug Administration »n ihc ground thai ¡1 iriuy be poiionous heefluic cyanide is found in the chemistry o! ihc vitamin. obtained chiefly Irnm ihe kernels nj apricuu ii v- .tiv> lound in ihe whole kernels rif plutm necLarinca. eherrics, peaches, and apples.

Scientihts m Itiissia and Lhc Urn led States agree mat it does noi cure cancer or treat it successfully even if caught early. While banned in the United States, it is used legally in many foreign cuLintiii':., in eluding Itnh. (.iermtuiy. .Mid Mexico.

Toxicity According to some m11 ritInn 1st* 15 «(1 apricoi ki< tids ran he eaten ill one Ja>. hut nevt'r .ill at the same tunc In inhci words, no more than I gram should be taken at one time.

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