Vitamin B Cobalamjnj

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Although mitn> bodybuilder:- beiicvc in getting vitamin B|t -hotb. f find their efieetnenvv. I i mi Led. When ihe vitamin is injected directly into ihc body, going into »he bloodstream, it Lists only about lour hours. Therefore to he as effective as claimed, u would be necessui\ lo gel u vitamin B|_- shot every fou; hours. I don't believe anyone is willing to do this. On the other hand, when the vitamin is taken in tablet form, it remains in the body for a much longer period of time. For example, its absorption in the small intestine alone takes about three hours, while only seconds are required for the absorption of the other B vitamins. Certainly, it is a good idea to have an adequate amount of vitam n B]2, but as a bodybuilder who wants to gain the most benefit from supplements, you would be far better off increasing your intake of vitamin B6.

I realize that many bodybuilders believe vitamin B!2 will work miracles that are perhaps better realized through hard training and a carefully controlled diet. Nevertheless, vitamin B12 holds a respected position in some bodybuilding circles, which leads me to believe that some of its actual benefits are psychological rather than physiological. Fortunately, through my training as a chiropractor and nutritionist, 1 learned to judge vitamins according to their regulatory effect on body functions instead of on their popular appeal.

Functions The coenzymes found in vitamin B12 are essential to normal maturation of red blood cells. Without these coenzymes, large, unhealthy cells would enter the bloodstream, resulting in anemia, especially in the cells of the bone marrow Like other B-complex vitamins, B12 is vital to maintaining a healthy nervous system since it is necessary for the synthesis of lipoproteins basic to the structure of nervous tissue. In addition, it is required for the metabolism of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Deficiency symptoms Many pure vegetarians who consume no animal foods, including milk, eggs, and cheese, suffer a deficiency in this vitamin. Often it is difficult to detect because their diets are usually low in vitamin B] and h gh in folic ac d, a combination that hides a deficiency in Bj2- Because a certain amount of this vitamin is stored in the liver, kidneys, muscles, lungs, and spleen, it sometimes takes as long as five years to discover the deficiency. It is only when these natural sources in the body have been depleted that the problem is diagnosed,

Symptoms of a deficiency begin with changes in the nervous system manifested by diminished reflexes, weakness in the arms and legs, poor appetite, and nervousness.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Most laxatives, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, estrogen, and sleeping pills taken over extended periods of time destroy the vitamin or limit its absorption. It is also destroyed by light.

Storage As mentioned above, light destroys vitamin B12, so keep supplements stored in dark-colored bottles.

Processing effect» Ordinary liomc cooking causes ft in« «I about 30 35 pensni ol ibis vitamin. Meat should he broiled Hvh can either be steamed or broiled.

Best sources Kidneys, liver, heart.

Good sources

Animal Beef, bölflgn», cuLfish. elumsf cod, crab, eggs, frank-lurtcis halibut. herring, lamb liverwurBt. rnackcicl mo?j.arclla, o\Mcj>. pock, salmon, sardines, sausage, Swt-vs cheese, lima fruit Very small amounts ire found in plant foods becHuse they cannot manufacture vitamin Bi-. although thev du ihsoTb trace amounts from the soil.

Grains, nuts, seeds Same as for fruit.

föffetithin Samt as lor Irillt

Selection Although vitamin B|i is louml .11 □ number nf canned, sitsoked. und highly sailed mods. i-. beü .ibcaincd from fresh food sources

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