Tissue A Bridge To The Outside World

When a large number of similar cells are joined, they'form tissue. Our body is made up of six different types: skin tissue; connective tissue, holding muscles and organs in place; blood tissue; muscle tissue; nerve tissue; and glandular tissue. Except for the tissue making up our nervous system, all can heal themselves by growing new cells. Seeing your skin heal within a few days after cutting a finger is visible proof. Of course, you also know that bones mend after being broken. The same is true of muscle tissue: after breaking down, it is quickly rebuilt by the formation of new cells.

We are most familiar with tissues involving the reaction of our five senses to a source outside the body. Light affects the tissue of our eyes; sound causes a reaction by tissues of our hearing system; the smell, taste, and quality of food stimulate the digestive tissues; objects we touch and body movement elicit a reaction from our muscular tissue.

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