The Learning Process Exposing The Yogurt Myth

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One of my mistakes involved yogurt Its value is emphasized by almost every American and European nutritionist. Listed among its beneficial qualities are the high percentage of protein found in every cupful and its ability to activate favorable bacteria in the intestinal tract so other food is easier to digest.

At first yogurt seemed like an ideal food, I wanted the advan-

tage of high protein in my diet, and equally important was the assurance of having the proper nutrients absorbed by my body through the digestive system So, I followed the advice of nutritionists, always including one or two cups of yogurt in my daily food intake.

Only after 10 years of learning about nutrition did I discover it has serious disadvantages, especially for competitive bodybuilders. Since the value of yogurt is approved in my earlier books with chapters on nutrition, I would like to discuss several reasons for my change in attitude.

It is true, of course, that yogurt stimulates the formation of intestinal flora, most particularly in the colon, to aid the digestive process. Keeping this in mind, many people have it every day either with meals or for a snack, feeling they have done their part in assuring proper digestion. The value of eating so much yogurt, however, has yet to be proved. Research has shown that only a teaspoon a week is actually necessary to maintain the intestinal flora.

Another point for consideration is the allergic reaction many adults have to dairy products such as cheese, milk, sour cream, ice cream, and yogurt. Adults lack the quantity of rennin found in the digestive systems of babies and small children, enabling most babies and children to eat dairy products without any problems. Yet many babies are cured of colic after pediatricians switch them from milk-based formulas to others made from soybeans.

For bodybuilders, a diet high in yogurt can sabotage the best training program in the world. Yogurt, like most dairy products, causes a layer of fat to form beneath the skin and results in a loss of definition I came to realize this only after many years of competition. To reach my goal of pure muscularity without a trace of fat, it was necessary to give up yogurt Therefore, I strongly recommend eliminating it, along with other dairy products, from bodybuilding diets for one or two months before competitive events.

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