The Body As A Universe

Most people believe the greatest wonders of the universe are found in outer space, millions of light-years beyond our reach They are fascinated to learn our galaxy has 100 billion stars and that 10 billion galaxies with about the same number of stars 1 e within range of our telescopes. Drawing from this knowledge and other scientific data, writers have created some of the most popular movies and television programs shown in America, such as "Star Trek," Star Wars, and E. T.

Focus on outer space has never been greater than today, yet history shows that men have always had their eyes fixed on the stars. Whether contemplating gods, Martians, or the crew of the Starship Enterprise living and loving in outer space, men have always been intrigued by the idea that some kind of life exists in outer space. Here the key word is W/i, defined as the power to grow, reproduce, and regulate activities, using energy from a source such as food or sunlight. To date we have no proof that this power exists anywhere but on earth. It is found in every plant, every form of animal and marine life, and every human being The power of life in its most marvelous form exists in almost every cell of the 100 trillion that make up our body, a uniyerse we can control to a great extent when its needs and functions are understood.


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