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When it LOmtR lo luUi^ vitamins unci nilflLi.jis. I He average j-i^Ciuji i^ dirc^erf m liihks of Reeoit mended Dail^ Atlownnccs rftE>A) iitiiblishiM h} Uil- hiiMJ Lind Nuirifi m Board Research Council, J liL'Hi: iMhSfo. unginnlK dcM^tied J.-- guideline for Lahelinj [inid HC1S lire .drill IoI individuals no< ln\olvcd in -.ports ui other dLiiviiic.% ili:ii pjacc gn;nt demands on body ^vnitnu. For Uns liKiiOJl, mun's ni tin iUpptcrncmr, niggled lor bndyHuilder. show an in daily allowances itil:erwine recommended. Some tire only slightly higher than established by the council; others are nun;. highKi jll-l-liriling k> ihe irucnMly m individual rri.iinlci^ pn.fiirjm-. I oi liJtiimple, ¿1 bodybuilder inmsnt onll lor mi im-proved physical appearance and increased strength would take 1,000 mg of calcium per day. A professional, having his eye fixed on entering national or internat onal competition would raise his daily intake to 3,000 mg of calcium.

Essentially, vitamins are organic substances, a small amount of uhieh in i .i be included iiHlv: daily diet in ■.UMutm life. When thiry ►Hi hR-hniii, ii LlciiwcnL-y disease devtiopv \ iiiiinin.s in Lhtmseivc-i me n iH i ■juurce of cnrig\ huJ jl"i in lid sum with enzyme ysiuiiLb I . in..- rne11.'v funn niMhydriiieh. J;il ¡nid protein V1111111111 niir.1 , nrn ■ I'luin I<il>J ot nicm ■ Iiclj.j., ^ll: Infills are unable to manufacture them. Never consider vitamins a substitute for food. Instead, concentrate on their supportive role in the maintenance of all body systems.

Vitamins are designated as either fat-soluble (dissolving in fat and nil) or wiUim -.ruubii- I dissolving m watet I Vitamins A. 1>. t. and K, which are fal-suluble, can be stored in the body. Water-soluble vitamins, including tin. B-curnplex group and vitamin C, cannot be stored in appreciable anioimi - save for a few exceptions. Being components i?) essential enzyme systems they must be supplied daily Some bodybuilder* may not icali/e »hey arc dclicienl in some nutrient until they experience a surge of energy from tafctnp :i particular vitamin ot mineral supplement, tn this case it should be increased within a reasonable limit above the amount suggested.

Some vitamins and minerals may cause ¡Ulcrgic reactions, ev' bv nausea. diarrhea, or other adverse excels described under the heading for each supi'kmcrtl on the following pages. In such instances 1 suggest if'.mp two or three brands 01 the same vitamin or mineral. If the problem persists, discontinue its use for a month before attempting to tak*. it again Many people cannot tolerate some of the B-conip«e\ vitamins, due lo their yeast content. Fortunately, some manufacturers are now producing a hypoaltcrgenic line that is yeast-free.

MinemK unlike vitamins, do icrvc as part on the body structure in a manner similar in proteins; however. I hey an1 found mainly in bone rather than muscle tissue. Minerals must also be supplied by the intake of food and supplements Our body systems require a number of different types to maintain health. For bodybuilders, some minerals liWe calcium, are needed in greater amounts than other*. audi as copper, ehromium. and «nc Women usuully need more iron than men because Ihey utilise u little extra when training ti- build additional blood cells and fot the monthly cycle '>1 menstruation. Mainly, minerals are far less vulnerable than vitamins to destruction in food processing or storage, so a discussion of their properties in this area is limited to a few exceptions.

If it were possible to eat a large variety ol good food ibmugliout the year, we could avoid the expense ol' supplementing our diel with vitamins and minerals. Unfoitunatdy. mosi oi us cannot buy perfect food. Fruits and vegeuhk". promrA ereiiUi to growers if they arc picked gre< i preveiil luitiMiig .unl willing during the process of being packed and shipped to the local supermarket. Shoppers suffer the loss of vitamins and minerals that are unable to form unless produce has ripened to maturity. Also, food preservatives can destroy as much as 80 percent of the nutrients contained in many foods, despite their careful packaging in a sanitary environment.

Other problems revolve around eating only food we like on a consistent basis rather than aiming for variety Many individuals utilize nutrients at a greater rate than others due to job stress or the expectations of society, family, and friends. Bodybuilders who enter competitive events carry an extra burden of stress because of hard training and the tension that accompanies the contest. Being bodybuilders, we need to supplement our dietary intake with vitamins and minerals, while the average person may safely exclude them. After all, most people only jog a few miles, eat, and then relax in front of a television set.

My own experiences with food in relation to supplements has brought several interesting points into focus. When my intake of meat and eggs is high I don't feel the need to take any vitamins in the B-complex group; however, I find it necessary to increase my intake of minerals. On the other hand, a diet high in fish and eggs increases my need for vitamins and decreases the necessity for minerals. This is easily explained by the fact that training utilizes a high percentage of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and phosphorus. Fish supplies these needs because it contains a rich store of minerals On the contrary, meat and liver are low in minerals but high in the B-complex vitamins.

When eating a great deal of fish, I found it possible to decrease my intake of mineral supplements because 1 suffered far less from cramps. The minerals in fish also prevented softening of my tooth enamel, caused by eating a lot of pineapple. On several occasions I experimented with diets, including a high intake of meat and pineapple. This immediately caused problems with softened tooth enamel until my diet was supplemented with additional calcium. These are a few examples of the lessons learned from paying careful attention to the unique needs of my own body. In general, however, it is my opinion that the three most essential supplements for bodybuilders are vitamin Bh to build muscle tissue, choline to emulsify fat and gain definition, and calcium to become strong and to prevent cramps.

On the following I disru>.:, Ihc vitamins and minerals ltiliv together wdh reasiMT. bu lading them In lliii wa\ \ou l jh itViHd /bema-iik unbalancing yimr body with incgiidose-. return mended by .1 friend ot gym inslruc ior w nu i - badly informed un the subject ol nulricms, A ¡-.ill u^urerics* ul Ihc %uppkniral?i ,ii.tually wrded. when couple.! with -in under*I ending ot then role ir muscle giuvUli. definition, ..nd hod', ¡o.v,ntcci:nec, wnl c yrni money b> ciirntnaitnu ihu expense of buying unnecessary viintoins and minerals

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