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Aside from rigid, ill-informed dieting practices, the most common problem in bodybuilding today is the taking of steroid drugs without regard for the possibility of damaging one's health beyond repair. Sure, we all want to be winners, and competition is good, driving athletes to discover their full potential, but the day we come to value winning over good health is the time to stop and take a hard look at the cost of becoming a champion.

I became a Mr. Universe winner before I knew that steroid drugs existed. As a matter of fact, there was little mention of steroids in bodybuilding circles until 1976, when articles regarding their use began appearing in bodybuilding magazines By the 1980s, however, interest in steroids was widespread among bodybuilders, so several individuals involved in the sport began writing booklets on steroids and selling them at high prices. They found a ready market composed of bodybuilders and young kids training with weights.

I read a number of these booklets and was shocked by the inadequacy of the information they contained. Guidelines for the safe use of steroids during limited periods of time and onlv under medical supervision were lacking. And even worse, there was little mention of their dangerous side effects if used indiscriminately as suggested by trainers or friends. For exnmple, boys just growing into manhood are liable to become slenle if their reproductive systems are permanently disrupted by the use of synthetic hormones. Young men who are anxious to achieve the muscle mass they associate with «rue masculinity should he awaic that bodybuilders in the I9"0s had lar more spectacular muscles than ihcy do today. As far as I know, steroids cannot be credited for building bodies that win competitions.

Currently, other dangerous practices have become popular with many bodybuilders who experiment with steroids as if they were doing nothing more harmful than making an interesting salad or inventing a mixed drink. Some take a number of different steroids, changing them from one day to the next; others mix several types together and take them at one time. They are remarkably unaware that combining different types of steroids causes an interaction, rendering them either totally useless or highly dangerous. Remember, steroids originally were developed to rehabilitate hospitalized individuals suffering from anemia, arthritis, bone and skin

At an informal lecture, Dr Colurrtbu tells listeners to use their heads, whether in using proper training techniques or in avoiding hyped-up shortcuts to nutrition

At an informal lecture, Dr Colurrtbu tells listeners to use their heads, whether in using proper training techniques or in avoiding hyped-up shortcuts to nutrition disorders, and illnesses that weaken the body following surgery. In such cases every patient is under close medical supervision. Their condition is monitored constantly by highly sophisticated lab tests, enabling treating physicians to determine which steroid works best for each individual at a specific time. Even more important, these tests can track harmful side effects caused by the drug, so it can be withheld before seriously impairing body tissue. For these reasons, a bodybuilder will never become an expert on steroids by trying different mixes and potencies on his own body. Most likely, he will die first. Already a number of deaths in bodybuilding due to the side effects of steroids have been reported

I try to discourage people from taking steroids for another reason in addition to the one just discussed. As you can imagine, 1 have come to know a great number of bodybuilders all over the world. Those who became champions did not take steroids during the first yeats they were training, so they never developed a dependency on them. More precisely stated, by taking steroids in the beginning, you establish a dependency on drugs instead of the hui'd training that builds strength, endurance, and seli-confidcnce.

In addition, be aware that steroids throw off body harmony as directed by the endocrine system, composed of eight glands working with the nervous system to coordinate body activities Of the eight glands, normal functioning of the parathyroid is of vital importance to bodybuilders because it controls distribution of calcium throughout the body. Steroids force the parathyroid to overwork, thereby drawing calcium from the bones for use in muscles of the heart and other organs. This results in a calcium deficiency in the bone tissue, rendering them spongy and susceptible to fracture as well as causing tendons under stress to tear from bones. If you are given a blood test to determine the calcium content of your body, the high amount found in the blood will lead to an incorrect diagnosis. When too much calcium is drawn from bone tissue into the bloodstream, lab tests incorrectly indicate that an abnormally high concentration of calcium is present in your entire body Based on this assumption, the doctor will advise you not to take calcium when you are actually suffering a deficiency and should increase your intake Since the thyroid gland is closely connected to the parathyroid, it is also overstimulated by steroids, especially if individuals are taking thyroid supplements. All these problems and their consequences must be considered before embarking on self-directed experiments with steroids.

Having discussed the dangers of using steroids, I would now like to set forth a number of guidelines for their use under controlled conditions. My suggestions are not addressed to beginners, for the reasons stated above, but to those who have been in training for a number of years and have reached top levels in bodybuilding. If you decide on taking steroids at this point, they may give you an edge; however, this varies among individuals. Once you've reached the top, your experience in hard training and good nutrition has formed the groundwork for doing anything you want.

In my opinion, steroids should be taken only under the following conditions:

  1. Medical supervision is vital. Only a doctor can determine which steroids work best for you and have the least damaging side effects. The doctor will monitor your condition by taking blood tests, measuring blood pressure and water retention, taking your pulse rate, and observing changes in behavior.
  2. After the doctor determines which steroid works best for you, it should be taken on a limited basis. The first time, it works best if taken from five to eight weeks before competition. Thereafter, you should wait a year before taking them again for optimum results, reserving their use for the time prior to the most important competitive event.

Optimum results from steroids also depend on training your body beyond its usual capacity since your muscles need the additional stimulation. Although all your body systems will be working harder, the greatest stress is placed on the liver. For this reason, increasing your B-complex vitamin supplements is necessary, especially and B12, which should be tripled from the amount taken previous to introducing steroids into your body systems.

After you stop taking steroids it is necessary to rehabilitate the liver, which was overworked while on the drug but functions much more slowly than normal when it is withheld. This will cause the liver to become fat-inflated, so the body very quickly becomes smooth. The process of rehabilitation requires double the amount of time you were on steroids. For example, if you took steroids for two months, returning the liver to its normal level of operation will require four months. During this period, I suggest increasing your intake of daily supplements, with an additional 3,000 mg of choline and inositol (usually found together in the same tablets or capsules) and 5,000 mg of lecithin.

Let me remind you again, however, that the road to becoming a champion is not paved with steroids and programs for rehabilitating the liver It is based solidly on the right diet and training program done on a full scale. The remarkable progress made in bodybuilding during the past 20 years has been due to better systems of training, improved equipment, fine gymnasiums, and books geared to keep trainers and bodybuilders well informed. Knowledge is gathered scientifically with the aid of computers that can quickly gauge the results of lab tests for analyzing the mineral content of the body and foods causing allergies that weaken the system. Also during the past 20 years, research on vitamins and minerals has been increasing steadily so we have a more accurate understanding of their effects in relation to body systems. When a combination of all these elements is thoroughly understood and used together with common sense, the achievements of the body become incredible

01 course, some bodybuilders will always be looking for some magic substance that can get them to the top without effort. They will waste years running around in circles, trying every available type of steroid without going to the gym and getting a great pump from a training session

In conclusion, I offer the information that dianabol—found in tablet form—works better than other steroids. Yet I know many people have had bad reactions to it; therefore, it is essential to have a doctor evaluate any steroids you may select. Because dianabol has side effects similar to those of other steroids, the following is quoted irnm ihc Pbyxtcian'.j Di'xk Flefercinv ori the problems that can result from its use.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity; male patients with carcinoma of the prostate or breast; carcinoma of the breast in some females; pregnancy, because of maseulinization of the fetus; nephrosis of nephrotic phase of nephritis [kidney problems],

ADVERSE REACTIONS IN MALES: Prepubertal: Phallic enlargement; increased frequency of erection Postpubertal: Inhibition of testicular function; oligospermia [decrease of spermatozoa in seminal fluid]; gynecomastia [abnormally large mammary glands in the male, sometimes may secrete milk],

ADVERSE REACTIONS IN FEMALES: Hirsutism [growth of body hair]; male pattern baldness; deepening of the voice; clitoral enlargement; menstrual irregularities; maseulinization of the fetus.

ADVERSE REACTIONS IN BOTH SEXES: Increase in blood pressure; nausea; fullness; loss of appetite; vomiting; burning of the tongue; increased or decreased libido; acne [especially in females]; inhibition of gonadotropin secretion; jaundice; liver dysfunction.

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The Basics Of Body Building

The Basics Of Body Building

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. It is achieved through muscle conditioning, weight training, increased calorie intake, and resting your body as it repairs and heals itself, before restarting your workout routine.

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