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Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle

Hft2 Build 2wice the Muscle

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Of course, the advice given by experienced bodybuilders was invaluable. I especially recall talking to Reg Park at the start of my career when I knew very little about nutrition. There was a quality about Reg that made me feel he was an honest man, sure to steer me in the right direction.

"What did you eat," 1 asked him, "to get so muscular and become a champion?"

"Very high-quality protein," he replied, giving an answer I hadn't heard before.

"What is high-quality protein?" 1 was anxious to know.

"Eggs and fish."

"What about meat?"

"It's good," Reg answered, nodding his head, "but not as good as fLsh."

Many years of learning have filled my life since I had this conversation with Reg. After much reading, learning, and experimenting, I found nothing tl^at disagreed with his advice. It formed the basis for my own school of thought concerning the best nutritional programs for bodybuilders, although it took a while to discover the exact meaning of high-quality protein. This is explained in more detail in Chapter 3.

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