Approximately S percent oi the body'-, mineral contenl is potassium, the most importanl element bcudes calcium and phosphtuuv It i:=< lowly related to sodium in maintaining the lieid-base balance oi the body by tmnsfiri ring nutrients in and oui o| rh'. cells With potassium working within the cell membrane and sodium wnrking outside. Lit es maintain an envijoftmcnl permitting ihe Tree nansfer ol iitiirienl:. throughout l he ceJIuhir system Potassium also helps to iciat muscles. Kv combining potassium WLih calcium, I noticed that muscular cramps were relieved fuatct than hv takini; calcium alone Other junctions of potassium ;ire reducing high h,,iod piessure and uniting wirli phosphorus to provide the main wilh oxygen

Deficiencies and limited absorption Deficiencies can re.sull irom tr.i'di die t-i. drill kins; exvc.v-ive amounts ot aScohnl oi ro||i.-r .Hid intense sweating nvn i Inriu period id Ium V n mu- nt i.nc .1.

situations causes a high-level loss of potassium and can result in muscular weakness, poor reflexes, and irritability. Since potassium acts as an agent for relaxing heart action, a high intake of supplements can cause cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the absorption rate of potassium from food is over 90 percent, so very little is needed to supplement the amount found in our dietary intake.

Sources The best sources of potassium include avocados, beef, blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeast, dried fruits, lima beans, nuts, poultry, raw vegetables, sunflower seeds, torula yeast, wheat bran, wheat germ.

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