Phosphorus and calcium are closely related, being found together in the blood serum throughout our body systems. To maintain a proper chemical balance, we need twice as much calcium as phosphorus. A deficiency or an overabundance of either mineral causes a disruption in the storage and utilization of the other. For example, when the amount of phosphorus we ingest goes up, our supply of calcium goes down. Usually, bodybuilders are high in phosphorus because (I) it is found in almost all foods, especially proteins: (2) the absorption rate of phosphorus is 70 percent as opposed to 25 percent for calcium: and (3) hard workouts draw on calcium reserves more than any other mineral, reserves more than any other mineral.

Although phosohorus is important Jo the stimulation of muscle contraction and the metabolism of I'ats, proteins, and carbohy-

dntes. nt' physical changes were evideni whether I increased t>i decreased mi intake of lupplcmcolii However il does serve a number of life-supporting functions ■. nuc pSvuphnrus ts found in every body cell. The most important n ibe role il pla\s in the process i-'- rr^nos!''. lor without iL cells cnuld 1101 i.l vide mid nuiîd mu.vcîe tivue r>i any iissue needed Lo tiuiumin and iepai: OUI Kid>'. Slrony bones and teeth, eniymc systems, md the formation of ATT nrL|iiLiïd tor m use Li I il r energy' ill.- nlsn dépendent on phosphorus f oods thrit destroy or limit absorption of phosphorus Keep in rnirid thai I he cuïe i 11 m- p hos pho rus balance ■■. disrupted hv ilit.1 use ol w'niie sujiai Many loor preservatives have a phosphate base that should he included u^ part of your phosphorus intake AWficidii taken over Lonu periods ot time cuu deplete youi supply ol this mineral, uud excess magnesium ,ind iron can mukc it ineffective.

I>efirieinrics liecauw il is found in nearly lilt loods, deficiencies are rate, except :imon^ some vegetarians un dit is |i?w ill dairy products.

roxkit} No toxicity from phOsphoiits is known

Sources Among the top souires of phosphorus .ire cocoa powder, eggs, fish, m-al poultry. pumpkin seed*. sunflower seed -, and whole grains

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