Paraamiimobenzoic Acid Pabaj

PAHA was lirsi classed ai a vitamin; however, continued proved .1 worked more like « chemieul. stimulating (he production til folic acid. <me u! Ihe B-comple\ vitamins.

Kuncliun» Fuund In jtimosi all sources oi (he U vitamins, it acLs as ^ coenzyme in lite chemical breakdown arid utilization ol protein, in this manii-.-i it eoiitttbutei 1c a. healthy diji-efitivc system ;ind the formation of red blood cells Bodybuilders with sensitive fikir> mliv he able to tan in comparator safety by using lotions containing para-aminobenz.ftic acid, which acts us a sunscreen, fi also helps In delay wrinkles by maintaining smooth ¡tnd hctiUhy skin Sunic people believe it u :l| stop ihcir hair iri>m turning gray, hut rlut idea i.s based un experiments m.idi; on laboratory animals lather than on people

Deficiency symptoms fatigue depression, arid digestive disorders sri symptomatic ol u deficiency "I Urn vitamin, hut they .ilso can Indicate a deficiency in other B vitamins, especially folic acid Br a ware that PAR A has a neutralizing el Sect on sulfa drugs. I hercfore. inform your phystcian when you arc taking this vitamin and he prescribes mtdieatmns containing sulfonamides.

loxicity loxidiy. caused bv taking high dosages over a period of time, may .Liuse nausea or vomiting. At present, hnwevti. lugh-potency preparations are ¡mailable only by prescription, causing little danger itur: this source

Sources I he best -,aurtes of PABA are beef liver, brewer's yeast, eggs, fish, lecithin, molasses, peanuts, and soybeans.

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