Pantothenic Acid

through the years Ihii vitamin has been given a number "' names, including ■. ii,tmin B; and H. Now II -1 nmmonh know as t<ai\unhcntt ut ui, »lemming irum the Greek word pantalftcti which means "evetywhene," And truly, il ii I mind everywhere, n idl living cell:* ol animal - and plant*, so defttJiriu-U'v .irr rare In human-. iV highest coni rntraticm occurs in 1 he -ner and kidneys A .inum amount is synthesized iri otii own bodies 'iy Ihe bacterial flora of the intestines, yet we still need a daily supply because pantothenic acid is one of the water-soluble vitamins of the B-enmpSex. group.

Functions Fm bod i builders. pantothenic acid plays an impoi inni role, j- ¡j coenzyme to release encic-. Iiom protein, Inland i',irbi)hydrjio Ji i- a!so essential to the synthesis ol lalts ¡ti ids. eholeoten . uud steroids |1at ^oluhie organic compounds}, Energy released in ihc breakdown nf ihe fait\ aciils is Uhiid for the lOrmution 'I inleno-ciriL' Il .phosphiilc < A I I" I. I It: tntnil source fd energy lor museulat work. Ii-, ideasing ihii energy immediately without oxygon, a allows ulhletes lo function wilhout being dir-.ctly dependent nt .i supply oJ nxypen. Flu1 reason foi being tlbk- !■■ produce a nurst of siirngth when .ilnnc heavy weights is due to ATP.

Pantothenic acid also stimulates the adrenal glands, producing hurmi'tu ■■ necessary Uu healthy skill ,md nerves II is necessary to Ihc >vnihcM!i ■ af uniibodies rhai fight infection Working in manner similar to lluil id ihe other B-cnmpJts vitamins, n is viial lv> I he development of the central nervous system and improves the hodv'% u hi lily to withstand -are^s Many people believe it help-* in prevent their hair I mm turning prus. I heir he lie I' is bused on reports Ihul .i I... k or puninthcnic arid caused premature graying laboratory unimiils I his has no! heen proven scientifically wnh humans

Deficiency symptoms As mentioned earlier, this vitamin is distributed so widely in plant and animal foods that deficiencies rarely occur, but a low intake can slow down many of the metabolic processes. A deficiency however, can be evidenced by dizzy spells, depress on, weakness, headaches, digestive disturbances, and irritability.

Destroys vitamin or limits absorption Stress, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, sulfa drugs, estrogen, heat, and sleeping pills destroy or limit absorption.

Toxicity Basically, pantothenic acid is nontoxic. Some individuals may react to above-average dosages by getting diarrhea or retaining water in their tissues.

Storage The pantothenic acid content in natural food is reasonably stable unless they are subjected to high temperatures. Flour should be covered closely and can be kept up to a year. Seeds and nuts keep best in containers stored in a cool place.

Processing effects Canned fruits and vegetables lose 49-80 percent of their pantothenic acid content, and canned seafood loses over 20 percent. The losses from home cooking are significantly lower since food is not processed with temperatures as high as those used in a manufacturing plant. Home cooking also has the benefit of less salt and other additives used in prepared food.

Best sources Brewer's yeast, cottonseed flour, heart, kidneys, liver, rice bran, rice polishings, torula yeast, wheat flour, wheat bran.

Good sources

Animal Beef, blue cheese, buttermilk, chicken, eggs, lobster, milk (skimmed), salmon.

Fruit Avocados.

Grains, nuts, seeds Brown rice, buckwheat flour, cashew nuts peanut butter, pecans, peanuts, soybean flour, sunflower seeds.

I vgt tables Broccoli, cabbage, corn, peas peppers, potatoes mushrooms.

Selection Because the loss of pantothenic acid is high during processing, foods containing this vitamin should be purchased in their most natural form. Canned vegetables like mushrooms lose almost 80 percent of their pantothenic acid content while all-purpose flour loses about 60 percent during the milling process. When buying peanut butter, try to find a market where you can giind it yourself from fresh peanuts. Most health food stores usually have one of these machines, and now many markets are beginning to follow their example

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