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Iodine is u iiace mineral pnme function 16 regulatory Tsvo-thirds of the body's supply is found in the thyroid gland incatcd at the base o| iltc ncck, just above the collarbone Here, hormones containing Iodine woik in control liie raic ol oxidation inside the ccll membrane In this way ihey regulate circulatory activity 1 hat affccts muscle tissue a- well as the metabolism of murienu. By •timuluting the [unction ol nervous lissue. the iodine-containing hormones also speed mental reaction and ineieasc energy

Deficiency symptoms Personally. I have never given much thought tu my iodine intake, since I use and cot plenty of seafood boih good sources of ihi.s trace mineral. I know some people do have deficiencies if they live in areas where food is gl'own in udme-pooi «oil. such as found in the Midwest, around the (ireai Uikot and in the Pacific Northwest Women, in ismm-idm seem It. l»a>I'.v dHicicin.y evidenced In jjoilOt, h enlargement of the thyroid gland. The best preventive measure is using iodized salt.

Destruction It should be noted that the absorption of iodine is curtailed severely when large quantities of cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, and kale are eaten raw. But when these vegetables are cooked, elements destructive to iodine are neutralized and cause no problem.

Toxicity Iodine found in salt and food causes no toxicity, but it can be hazardous when used as a drug.

Sources The best sources are blackstrap molasses, iodized salt, onions, and saltwater fish.

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