Hydrochloric Acid And Enzymes

Urtdei nnrrri;it i ondlliofiiv dl/ynic upplcmenl!. .id" not MCCC5-sary smi:c tlicy art tnund in a number food iteui>, such 111 p.-pavj ;ind pineapple Even wine contains many i-n/ymeft needed to uid 1 hi; digestive pi'oenu, Hydrochloric acid is not lotind in food« however, hilt must be produced by the body or taken in supplemental lurrr When youj intake ot protein ls increased, vnu munt &Lio talce cure tt) inLtcuse prop union idly your intake of Ht"l. A-. ,-. rule of I liiirnh. rvers uddiminnl 20 .¡Trams ul protein a hove Jininunli lifted on '.he food eharu requires M.'U Additional tng ill HC i. Il can he purchased n combination with enzymes u.i -imply in the form "t hyd.-ifchloric acid. Some hmlvhuiltfers i§nd i hut HCI .done i-ulftLxs. iHbeTK need Hie conibinjili'.in ol bolii supplements.

In conclusion. I would like lo pnml oui that bodybuilders1 muiclei arc '«pi flexible due ti> ihc ¡itu mimi pmd lo taking * uii m mi urn) miner ah; Calcium for usance, not only mnmtauw niuv I lle.xibility ^ui liIsi» enhance? ihv; ph.iper balance oi phosphorus in the body swtenr. ihnt is if-ponsiblc l<ir u chonucul hottnorn ot nulfinniv 1. mil tod.iy little attention was paid ru rhe luo that hodvouiLdt'i ' muiiL-es -ire hard when l'k-\ed liui m'U and pliable when rela.iod Compare Mm inlnresling phujimnenon with tlv. physical eondiin'11 m Amcin\in i miners. whose muscles are hard artd spastic, u he Mice liescd or rclu.sctJ. Itunnsrs have I Ins problem lot several masons: lb luck .it muscle llcAihlliiy: l?j buildup u| incite add Irani munuhuil i tinning; mid I the necevsii;. to keep running nl'ler the hntly h.is licplfled its .supply of calcium Many people who visit my cbiroprnciK office ask, "How can vim pf'"<ihl\ uijusi hodyhuiidets whim they ¡iiv su muscuiui?"" " I be. -in tliL i/.i'.ieni puiivrii-. to ml.iiist/' 1 mtKwcr mneli to their surprise. When 1 ask a bodybuilder to relax—an important condition for a proper adjustment—they are capable of immediately letting go because their muscles have remained flexible rather than taut. On the other hand, marathon runners who come for an adiustment have hard, spastic muscle. When I ask them to relax, their muscles remain unchanged. My suggestion to marathon runners preparing to run 25 kilometers would include taking a lot of calcium before the event and even during the run—after going about 10 kilometers. Immediately afterward they should take calcium again and stretch a great deal to maintain muscle flexibility.

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